The House system was born out of the need to improve collaboration and comradery among students, establish closer mentorship relationships, and provide a more systematic way to deliver Character Education. Each student will be assigned to a House when he/she enters 1st grade, and will remain in that house throughout his/her AST experience. Siblings, and eventually, sons and daughters of alumni, will be assigned to the same house whenever possible to establish legacy. Although the 12 houses are the same from Pre- School through High School, each division will meet separately for most of the weekly activities, allowing for mixed-division activities during key times in the year. The house members will bond and grow closer, as they complete various initiatives and bonding games, participate in fun competitive activities, and try to gain the most points for their house by the end of the year.

Zotz Bat Purple/Black
Balam Jaguar Orange/Black
K’nich Ajaw Sun Yellow/Red
K’uk’ulkan Feather Serpent Light Green/Purple
K’awiil Lighting Black/Yellow
Chaak Rain/Storm Gray/Gold
Pauahtun Sky Bearer Light Blue/Green
Ix Sak Un Moon White/Black
Witz Mountain Green/Gold
Itzam Ye Monster Bird Red/Green
Yax Balam Hero Twin Blue/Red
Yum Kaax Jungle Brown/Light Green

Goals of the AST House Initiative

  1. Provide a time where every student has the opportunity to connect with house parent to develop a lasting rapport with that adult.
  2. Ensure every student has a sense of belonging to at least one group and is provided the opportunity to have positive and healthy interaction within that group and build camaraderie.
  3. Give the opportunity to collaborate with people in different age groups and with people that are not normally a part of the student’s social groups.
  4. Focus on Character Education topics, issues, and initiatives.
  5. Provide opportunities to participate in the development and the completion of initiatives that serve the community or a group in the community.
  6. Allow for more teacher supervision and support by having the house parent as an unbiased adult figure that will encourage further academic focus and social well-being.
  7. Provide a channel within the academic week:
    • where announcements are shared and discussed that pertain to the AST community.
    • to discuss current issues and concerns.
    • to share recent accomplishments achieved by their peers and other members of the AST community.
  8. Provide the opportunity for every student to develop leadership characteristics.
  9. Provide healthy competition between Houses that could lead to increased School Spirit, accountability for punctuality, and academic engagement through positive peer-pressure.
  10. Identify and connect with Honduras Pre-Columbian Mayan heritage.