The Pre-School curriculum was designed after the Creative Curriculum System for Pre School. Thematic units of study are taught using strategies which include daily activity centers focusing on skills rather than content. The Nursery and Pre Kinder curriculum emphasize phonics, letter sounds and recognition, number recognition and number order. The Comprehensive Early Literacy Learning (CELL) program is implemented in Kindergarten, preparing young children with the necessary language, cognitive, and early reading skills to ensure primary school success. The literacy program encourages read-aloud opportunities for students on a daily basis in the classroom.

Teachers encourage students to engage in experiential learning activities where students are able to manipulate objects and problem-solve at a very early age. On any typical day in a classroom, you will see children working independently, cutting, sorting, painting and using manipulatives. Teachers are constantly observing individual student interest and needs, thus monitoring the progress of each child to recognize readiness in the different stages of learning. Differentiated instruction is used systematically to support students in achieving the learning goals.

The Pre-School curriculum includes daily instruction in music, art, physical education, computer and library skills. The school’s Character Education Program exposes children to life-long values through age-appropriate activities. Children learn in a safe and disciplined environment in which respect to one-self, school and others is greatly valued. The Pre-School is always buzzing with creative and engaging learning activities.

Welcome Message

The Preschool Staff would like to welcome you to our new site. This area of the school counts with highly qualified, certified, and caring teachers in each of the three sections consisting of Nursery, Pre-Kinder, and Kinder; having 25 students per class with a teacher and full time assistant. We also count with a rotating assistant who provides additional support as well as a Spanish and P.E. teacher. The Art, Music, Computers, and Library teachers are shared with the Elementary School.

The Preschool is committed to nurturing our student’s natural curiosity and desire to grow. We provide rich opportunities to develop their talents and skills. We teach our students to “Be The Best You Can Be”. Preschool is a fun way to begin a child’s voyage through education; enhancing it with exploration and discovery to their intellectual, social, and disciplined life. We hope you enjoy your visit to the American School’s website.

Claudia Pereira
Pre-School Principal


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