It is with a great source of pride that we share with you that our Seniors 2017 have been accepted into more than 130 colleges or universities all around the world. Although the majority of our students have applied and been accepted into various universities in the United States, including Universities such as Princeton, Columbia and University of Michigan, many of our students are also setting their sights at colleges in the United Kingdom, Italy, France, China, Canada, Singapore and right here in Honduras. Best of luck for our seniors wherever they decide to soar off to!


The Operation Smile CEO and co-founder, Dr. William Magee, was in town and paid a visit to our campus. In March, the Operation Smile Club at AST held a fundraiser called Miles for Smiles. The sum of the funds collected Lps. 1000,000.00 was presented to this international medical charity.


It all began with campaigns that lasted a week. Posters, stickers, banners, flyers…they were posted all over the school. On election day, the candidates gave their speeches. Each one of them brought a little of their personalities into each speech. Some used props and some just got straight to the point.

Once all the speeches were given, the Student Body went to their assigned voting area. The voting was done electronically with the use of CROMEBOOKS. As the votes came in, the current STUCO members tabulated the votes, under the supervision of their adviser and the Technology Department Coordinator.

Fourth Grade Students Donate to MICAH Project Honduras

Our forth grade students had a lesson in philanthropy and economics. Their teachers had them research about “supply and demand”. They created a product and sold it within their grade. They turned this into a fundraiser for the MICAH Project Honduras. In the end, they were able to collect eight thousand Lempiras to donate to ministry that works with kids from the streets in our nation’s capital.