The Student Council of the American School of Tegucigalpa is a student organization from grades 6-12 that represents the student body and serves as a collective voice, working hand-in hand with the administration and gives students hands-on experience with democratic principles and leadership. The purpose of the Student Council is to represent the student body, be the voice of the students, be the means of communication between the student body and administration, collect funds for future activities, and strengthen school spirit by creating a positive environment.

STUCO functions as a co-curricular organization that upholds and reflects the American School of Tegucigalpa’s mission. This organization serves to foster leadership, service, voice and engagement. This means that it actively seeks to set a positive course or example, to develop leadership knowledge, and to explore and practice democratic principles. It looks to expand academic strength through service learning. It include committees and processes that raise student voice and participation. It fully promotes accessible and inclusive activities and events.

STUCO 2023-2024

  • Paola Dibono – President
  • Mauricio Hasbun – Vice-President
  • Maria Fernanda Fortin – Parliamentarian
  • Abraham Kafati – Sports Coordinator
  • Valeria Casco – Activities Coordinator
  • Mariana Simón – Public Relations Officer
  • Sofia Reyes – Secretary
  • Miguel Bonilla – Treasurer