Mensaje del Presidente de la Junta Directiva / Message from the Board President

Dear AST Community:

Let me start off by saying it is a great privilege for me to lead the Board of Directors and serve our community. As a team, we have begun this new period full of joy, responsibility and sense of commitment. Our vision is to be the leading, innovative, educational institution that prepares responsible global citizens, leaders and life-long learners.

Our main focus is our students at AST, who are the soul of the school. We want to know all our children, we want to know their dreams, their challenges, their weaknesses and strengths and we want to support them with all the capacity and opportunities the school has, to ensure they become successful professionals. Much work has been done in determining the School’s plans, mission and vision and we will do everything necessary to meet the objectives that have been set to maintain and strengthen the quality of education offered by the School. This is a task that we can not do alone, we need the commitment of all of you who participate actively in the education of our children.

We have all the tools at our disposal to be able to carry out quality education and we want our students to take advantage of them by receiving every day, in our classrooms. We strive for our education to be based on values ​​and strong educational curriculums, that make our students active and responsible citizens who live in a world of challenges and opportunities within the society we live in or internationally.

The strengths of the school have been built little by little, with work from previous board of directors, teachers, and administrative staff and all have worked to make AST more than just a school with buildings, but a learning center, that is composed by students, teachers and parents; where we all contribute to make the school a better place. We invite you to participate actively and positively in our school community through activities in the classrooms, by becoming an active part of the life of your children within the School and most importantly, to feel proud and accomplished by belonging to this solid, diverse and interactive educational institution.

Thank you very much for the confidence placed in us, I assure you that we have all the preparation and energy to make the students of AST incredible professionals and global citizens with great competitive skills and abilities to be able to face the future.

Let’s do it together!

Reina Irene Mejia-Chinchilla
AST President

Board President (2019-2021)