Who do I contact in regards to enrollment, admissions or a campus tour?2024-02-21T15:39:53-06:00

Contact the Superintendent’s Office by: Email: info@amschool.org FAX: 011-504-2239-6162 Office: 2276-8400.

What is the student population? Which is the teacher / student ratio?2017-01-15T21:51:48-06:00

To date, the American School has a student population of 1140 students (Nursery to twelfth grade) of which 95% are Hondurans, 3% US Citizens and 2% other nationalities. The teacher student ratio is approximately 20 students per teacher.

With what organizations is AST accredited?2022-09-19T06:47:58-06:00

The American School of Tegucigalpa is incorporated with the Honduran Ministry of Education as well as with AdvancED. It is for this reason that our High School offers two educational plans; The American Plan which grants you a High School Diploma, and the Honduran Plan which grants you a Science and Humanities Diploma ( Bachilletaro Internacional en Ciencias y Humanidades). Both diplomas provide any of our graduates the credits to apply for any local or foreign University. AST is also accredited with The International Baccalaureate Program (IB Program). The IB Program grants international transfer of credits, allowing our graduated to apply to any University in the World.

What is the school calendar year?2017-01-15T21:50:50-06:00

The AST student will attend 184 school days beginning in mid August and continuing on through the end of May. Both Honduran and major American Holidays are observed. A school day starts at 7:30 a. m. and ends at 2:30 P.M.

What is S.E.I.T?2024-03-21T08:41:04-06:00

S.E.I.T. is an acronym for ” Sociedad Educacional Interamericana de Tegucigalpa”, an organization to which all the parents of current students that attend The American School of Tegucigalpa belong to. They are the official owners of our institution. The parents are represented by a Board of Directors ( elected at a General Assembly) and they are the ones who present proposals at the regularly scheduled assemblies for all the parents to vote on. Currently, the President of our SEIT is Mr. José Rafael Rivera. If you would like to know more about SEIT and the General Assemblies, you can contact Gina Gómez, Secretary to the Superintendent’s Office, at 2276-8400.

What do I need to know about registering my child in Pre- School?2024-03-21T08:43:19-06:00

The following documents could be required ( not necessarily in every case)-

  • An original birth certificate for Honduran applicants and a passport or proof of citizenship for foreign applicants
  • Two passport sized photos ( 1.5″x 1.5″
  • Vaccination card
  • A letter from a pediatrician
  • Written documentation that your child is potty trained.
  • Completed Abbreviated Development Scale ( administered by AST personnel).
  • Identification from the parents (ID, Passport, etc.)

Required age of admission as of August 30th of the current year:

  • Nursery School children must be three years of age.
  • Pre-Kinder children must be four years of age.
  • Kindergarten children must be five years of age.
When and how would I receive notification of my child’s acceptance into Pre-School?2024-03-21T08:44:41-06:00

Announcements of admission for the new school year are usually made  from March first through March thirty first. International admissions are done on an ongoing basis. Notifications of acceptance into this institution will be made directly to the parents via phone or letter.

What documents might I need when registering my child as a transfer from another school?2024-03-21T08:46:40-06:00

These following documents might come in handy when transferring to AST from another school:

  • A report card from the previous school year.
  • Original birth certificate ( if Honduran) or passport/ proof of citizenship (if foreign).
  • One passport size photo (1.5″x 1.5″).
  • A statement of solvency from the previous school’s business office.
  • Identification from the parents (ID, Passport, etc.)

If a transfer of schools occurs within Honduras the following might be required:

  •  A SACE (Sistema de Administración de Centros Educativos) is required.
  • A letter of recommendation from a teacher or counselor from the previous school would be helpful.
Who do I contact about getting my transcripts?2024-03-21T09:00:18-06:00

Please contact Mrs. Blanca Rivera at our legal office brsrivera@gmail.com 2276-8400 ext 2720

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