Message from the Athletic Director

It is with a great sense of honor that I inform our AST Community that the Athletic Department feels committed to each member of this great “Eagle” family;  to give the  time and effort required to produce the excellence which is associated with our grand institution.

Every student athlete, from EAGLE TOTS to our AASCA representatives, deserve and will always have  this department’s  full attention and care. Thank you to our Eagle parents and our school’s administration for entrusting us with these great champions.

Discipline and love for our institution will help us soar  even farther.

God bless us all!

– Wilmer Miralda


Eagle Tots (Kinder)

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Our Pre-School Eagles are offered four extracurricular athletic activities which enhance their eye- hand coordination, agility, fundamentals, and introduces them to good sportsmanship and working as a team.

  • Soccer- August through November

  • Handball & Gymnastics- November through February

  • Basketball-February through May

Contacto: Lila Laitano

Eagle League (1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade)

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Eagle League provides a safe and friendly environment where your children( 1st through 4th grades) can develop their skills in different sports such as basketball, soccer and volleyball. Each season lasts about two months and culminates with a tournament.

Contact: Ms. Michelle Corrales

Eagle Cup (5th and 6th grade)

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Eagle Cup is composed of students from fifth and sixth grades. Basketball, soccer and volleyball are offered throughout the school year. Each sport has its inauguration and closing ceremonies. Although a tournament is played at the end of the seasons, more emphasis is placed on participation than on the outcome of the tournaments.

Contact: Guisela Riedel

AASCA Athletic Tournaments

The Association of American Schools of Central America (AASCA) was formed to support and encourage academic, artistic, athletic and cultural interaction between international schools that offer a US type education in Central America. It is felt that through the organization and sponsorship of these types of activities that all young people involved will be exposed to and benefit from the multicultural interaction. It is the desire of AASCA to promote a better understanding of multiculturalism among all races of young people through these events.

AASCA also strongly supports the continuing education of its member teachers and administrators through facilitating workshops and conferences that focus on the latest educational ideas and teaching methods from the United States. It is the desire of AASCA to improve the quality of all education in the countries in which they reside and create a greater awareness and appreciation for cultural diversity through the programs they sponsor.

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AASCA/ABSH Calendars

ABSH Athletic Tournaments

Association Objectives:

  • Promote intramural activities that will provide an opportunity to share talents, compete and to have a social interaction in different areas such as sports, academics and fine arts areas. These will emphasize good sportsmanship, social interaction and cultural exchange.
  • Protect the well-being of the private Bilingual Schools of Honduras
  • Give opportunities to learn more about Honduras and other bilingual schools through trips and other means.
  • Promote a high-quality, bilingual program in Honduras by establishing standards for memberships in the association.
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