Student services at AST works alongside the school’s mission to provide assistance for students in all aspects of their school careers including academic support, social and emotional counseling, and university planning. In order to meet the diverse needs of our school we provide a wide range of general information meetings, group and individual meetings with students and/or parents, as well as university visits and fairs. Student services comprises of the counseling, special services, and character education departments as well as the school diagnosticians.  All departments work together to better meet the needs of our community.

Student Services Directors

Claudia Pereira
Pre-K -5th Grade

Daniel Dobbe
6th-12th Grade


Fadya Kafati
Pre-School /1st Grade

Cristiana Baide
2nd Grade /5th Grade

Marielos Quesada
Middle School

Yolanda Aviles
High School

Melissa López
High School