The American School offers a wide variety of clubs. These diverse clubs offer students venues for meeting friends and the opportunity for getting more involved with school and their community, thus giving them a well-rounded school experience. Although students are encouraged to take advantage of these various opportunities, they are also urged to make careful choices with regard to time requirements these clubs might generate. Our students must show excellent time management skills in order to maintain their academic standards and also be able to fulfill their obligations to their clubs.

Middle School and High School Clubs↓

Foster the spirit of art and creativity on campus and in the community by promoting the values in art and exhibiting art to the public.

AST Art Club aims to encourage higher standards of art, maintaining and increasing appreciation for arts, and to inspire the mutual acquaintance of art lovers and art workers. AST Art Club strives to build a bigger audience daily, and touch the lives of the ordinary with extraordinary art.

Advisor: Pamela Callejas


To provide an inclusive instrumental music program that fosters peer camaraderie, respect for culture, and a pursuit for excellence.


Music will unite AST students and teach them to be successful adults.

Honor Band

The purpose of our Honor Band is to give to students that are already part of the curricular band program, a chance to participate in an ensemble, learn more about music and get more musically inspired.

Who Can Join?

Any student in the curricular music class who feels encouraged to learn more about musical instruments and will comply with the band’s handbook.

The Middle School Band is made up of 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students.  They represent our school in various musical activities and events such as Flag Day, Peace Day, Earth Day, school assemblies, Christmas Concert, Spring Concert, Music Festivals and Graduations.  Currently the band is divided into two groups – Band “A” and “B”. Band “A” is a concert band which represents the school at special events. The band “B” group belongs to an elective course which is for students who are beginning with the process of playing in a band.

BENCALETH is a social service club composed of students in grades 10-12 who join in solidarity with the boys and girls of the BENCALETH children’s home. The young residents of this home suffer from muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, or mental retardation. The members of the BENCALETH Club provide basic supplies of food, medicine, cleaning materials and personal hygiene products to the residents. Members strive to live up to their club’s motto, “It matters not how long one’s life lasts rather the manner in which one lives it.”

We plan, promote, and present programs and events that proclaim in a way that is not forceful the message of Jesus Christ to our fellow students. The Club also encourages its members to lend a hand to the less fortunate. We worship God and proclaim His word, as well as pray for one another.

To create a base for positive influence among the student body and to practice it in our everyday lives.

Advisor: Dulce López

The Environmental Club works to promote an increased awareness and understanding of environmental issues as they relate to the role of the individual. The purpose of the club is to create awareness on environmental issues such as conservation, preservation, and restoration with emphasis on educating the American School community. The goal of the ecology club is to educate, investigate, and motivate students to participate in the conservation of our environment.

Mission: To make an impact in our community by helping, giving and sharing.
MOTTO: “Love.Hope.Faith.”


The mission of the Club is to empower young people to collaborate locally, regionally, and globally in order to create project-based sustainable solutions for global issues. Our vision is a world where global citizenry is championed by today’s youth. A GIN project is focused on working to address global issues in your direct community. It can focus on whatever issue you believe is important and needs to be addressed in your community.

This year the project we chose is called, “Kit for Survival.” We are focusing on helping those individuals and families who are deported to Honduras, due to complications of immigration status. We have hosted many fundraising events and have been informing people of the rough lives these individuals live. With the funds raised, we will deliver a small bag to each person in the Migration Center, in front of “City Mall Tegucigalpa.” These kits will include: Hand Sanitizer, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Moist Wipes, Shampoo, Body Lotion, Body Soap, Colored Pencils, Small Notebook, Cookies, and a Juice Box C.

Advisors: Marici Girón and Karen Hesse

Habitat for Humanity is an international Christian organization based in the United States that works to help provide basic decent housing to impoverished families around the world. The Habitat for Humanity Club is a student social service organization dedicated to helping in this noble effort. Student members and teacher volunteers spend a number of Saturdays per school year working on building sites, helping families construct their homes. Because of age restrictions with Habitat for Humanity International, this club is open only to eleventh and twelfth grade students.


Sponsored Founded in 1934, J.S.A. is a non-partisan student-run organization that serves to expose students to a wide variety of civic areas. J.S.A. focuses on debate and experiencing firsthand the legislative process. Members in the American School chapter will have the opportunity to travel to one of several J.S.A. conferences offered in the U.S. each year.

The Knowledge Bowl Club is an incredible opportunity to enhance as well as demonstrate your knowledge. The range of the questions that are asked in the matches varies from Science, Art, History, Math and Literature. Throughout the year, the club meets once a week in preparation for the Knowledge Bowl competition, where teams play matches against opposing teams from other schools. It is an exciting chance to demonstrate your knowledge in diverse subjects as well as to develop team-building skills.

Advisor: TBA


Model UN educates students and teachers on the basic functions of the United Nations. Students participate in role-playing committees, writing proposals to resolving world issues, and advocating for the changes they believe need to be made for their own nation. Not only do students learn about the United Nations, they gain skills in debate, persuasive writing and teamwork. Members normally have the opportunity to travel annually to one of the several M.U.N. conferences offered in the U.S. or elsewhere and/or the annual M.U.N. conference sponsored in Central America by the Association of American Schools in Central America.


National Art Honor Society
Adviser: Pamela Callejas


Sponsored by the U.S.-based National Association of Secondary School Principals (N.A.S.S.P.), the N.H.S. recognize select students with outstanding records of scholarship, character, service and leadership. Since their founding nearly a century ago, membership has been seen around the world as one of the most prestigious honors a secondary student can attain. Qualified students in grades ten through twelve may seek membership in the N.H.S.

National Honor Society – Javier Tamashiro /



Following in the National Junior Honor Society’s practice of service, this club facilitates student life-long learning through meaningful service experiences, which encourage and enable AST’s faculty and students to positively impact the community. This club strives to bring campus and community together in partnership to share resources, meet real community needs, and help to educate our young women and men to become the change agents of tomorrow.

N.J.H.S. recognizes select students with outstanding records of scholarship, character, service and leadership. Since their founding, membership has been seen around the world as one of the most prestigious honors a middle school student can attain. Qualified students in grades seven through nine may apply for membership in the N.J.H.S.

National Junior Honor Society- Karen Hesse /
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Operation Smile International is a non-profit U.S.-based organization that serves to repair cleft lips, cleft palates, and other facial deformities in impoverished countries around the world. Supported primarily by donations and the work and sacrifice of volunteers from many countries, Operation Smile has made an immeasurable difference in the lives of many thousands of children and adults since its founding in 1982. The American School Operation Smile Club works in close support of the annual Operation Smile mission to Honduras. In 2015, the OS Club traveled to attend the International Operation Smile Youth Conference in Ireland U.

Relevo por la Vida is a club committed to raise Cancer awareness.The club meets weekly to join forces with the AHLCC (Asociacion Hondureña de la Lucha contra el Cancer) and Relevo por la Vida to fight cancer, support cancer research, serve cancer patients, honor cancer survivors and raise awareness of cancer prevention.

The club plans money-raising activities for the causes described above. The money raised from September to March is turned in to AHLCC after their big event: the Annual Relay for Life which takes place every year on the second weekend in March .

Besides raising money, the club visits the cancer center a few times a year, especially during special occasions such as Día del Niño, Christmas and Mother’s Day.

Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica

Sponsored by The American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese, the Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica is a Hispanic Honor Society that exists to honor students who have excelled in the study of Spanish. Additionally, the S.H.H. serves to promote the study of and appreciation for the Spanish language and Hispanic literature and culture in general. Open to select students in grades ten through twelve, membership is seen as an impressive high-school achievement.

Advisor: Yillian Izaguirre

MISSION: The Solidarity Club is a charity which seeks to serve the needs of the maintenance staff and the charity activities carried out at AST. The members of the club aim to deliver friendship and help to anyone in need inside or outside the school community.

Advisor: Nena Alvarado

Our club’s mission is to engage students who enjoy word games; learning new vocabulary words, their correct spelling, pronunciation, meaning and origin. This club participates in the annual ABSH Regional Spelling Bee Language Arts Festival. In the 2014-2015 school year, AST won first place (10th grader), third place (11th grader), fourth place (6th grader), and fifth place (5th grader). The Spelling Bee Club holds bake sales to raise funds for activities such as this festival.

Advisor: Martha Tomé

Science Technology Engineering and Math

To allow high school students the opportunity to go beyond the high school science curriculum in a safe, guided and disciplined environment. As a secondary activity, the High School Science Club will be sponsoring charity activities from the funds raised by the organizations fundraising activities.

Advisor: Javier Tamashiro

Sustainability Environmental and Gardening Club

SEG is an energetic group of Earth loving students who work to promote an awareness of environmental issues. We strive toward creating a clean school and clean planet through our recycling initiative and our fundraising efforts go toward helping to reintroduce Honduras’ national bird, the Guacamaya, back into the wild in Copán.

Javier Tamashiro

The Honduras Project

Purpose and Mission: The Honduras Project is an initiative for the youth of the American School of Tegucigalpa to learn about and participate in charities and services that operate in Honduras. The goal is to acquire both the tools and experience that will lead to altruistic mindsets.

Advisors: Ali Dobbe /


The yearbook is meant to highlight years and capture memories. It chronicles events that shape memories, and illuminate moments that define relationships. It celebrates the experiences, activities, and people that make the year unforgettable.
The yearbook allows students to practice photography and layout design, as well as digital image formatting with every page being submitted to the online publisher.

Advisor: Roy Nelson

One for One is a club that helps single women with the education of their kids. They are given materials, tutoring, and school uniforms. We do activities with the kids at the school where we play games with them and where we give them the donations. We currently help 15 kids with their education, and hope to be able to expand to help more. The meetings are on thursdays during lunch.

Escuelas Apoyando Escuelas is a club to help children from other schools with their education. We give scholarships (based on merit and need), school materials, and uniforms required by the school they attend. We do activities with the children, whether we are going to visit them or have them come to us. In these activities usually one of the things mentioned above are giving and activities, such as games, are played with the kids. We feel this club is important because we value education and want all the kids to have a chance at a better future. The club meets Tuesdays after school in Ms. Chirinos’ class.

Extra- Curricular Activities

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